Démo Live In gent (Belgium) novembre 2014 



Démo FREISING 2018 




"The I-Bal"
This is NOT, a revolution !


The Milleret Mignotte Duo exists since 2008, on and off, depending on requests, time and availability of the artists.

The Duo doesn’t do any “revisitation” of musical heyday, doesn’t come from the happy encounter of musicians with different backgrounds, goals and objectives, doesn’t do any cross-over, and it doesn’t propose any extremely dynamic concerts and/or bal folk, out of mainstream and off the beaten path.

The Milleret Mignotte Duo doesn’t have a PR, doesn’t do any press release, nor bus tour, doesn’t have a fan club and didn't even record any CDs.

On the other hand, it already rescued several times the nights of a famous Gers festival (alas, that was quite unfortunate for more than a generation of ducks) and thrilled people at folk nights in the Flanders (the memory of a famous coriander beer still gives the shivers).

The Milleret Mignotte Duo is not expensive, its technical requirements couldn’t be any easier and its company is largely appreciated by everybody.

Moreover they will empty every dish, helping themselves twice more likely than just once, and will empty your cellar with true and evident pleasure (Aosta Valley still remembers...)

The Milleret Mignotte Duo plays the most beautiful pieces of the neo-trad repertoire, particularly the Mustradem ones, without percussion nor trumpet, no ifs ands or buts, and it will never take themselves too seriously...

But … when the MaKina RythmiKa throws the dance groove and the Jazzeux burst into folk chorus, then all of a sudden you’ll see how crowded a dance floor might be!